The Limey

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Steven Soderbergh directs this action-drama about an Englishman (Terence Stamp) who travels to L.A. to avenge his daughter's death. Lesley Ann Warren is an English teacher who helps him out. Peter Fonda will play the bad guy, Amelia Heinle will be his girlfriend, and Ann-Margret, Melissa George and Nicky Katt will also star.

Capsule Review: Stylishly edited, the film flits effortlessly between past and present, yet never confuses. Stamp is wonderful as the title character, but Luis Guzman steals the show as a contact in L.A. who assists his quest for revenge. This is a crime thriller worth watching. (Artisan Entertainment)

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Cassius (anonymous)The Limey
05/15/99 10:27 AMAccording to, it's not his brother he's avenging, but the death of his daughter.

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