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John Sayles directs this Alaskan drama. A fisherman (David Strathairn) is traumatized by an accident at sea. Years later, in his Alaskan hometown, he falls for a lounge singer (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)...but encounters trouble when his brother (Casey Siemaszko) returns to town. Vanessa Martinez, Kris Kristofferson, Leo Burmester, Kathryn Grody, Michael Laskin and Rita Taggart also star.

Capsule Review: Well written and acted all around (particularly from Vanessa Williams as Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's troubled daughter). The story is well built, as all of the characters (including the audience) are stuck in one sort of limbo or another. The film will ultimately frustrate those expecting more standard fare, but the art house crowd, and those anxious to discuss the finer points of filmmaking, will be pleased. (Columbia)

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jacktorrance (anonymous)
Limbo leaves you thinking

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