The Big Kahuna

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John Swanbeck directs this 16mm film starring Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito and Peter Facinelli as a trio of salesmen at an industrial lubricans convention in Wichita. Roger Rueff adapted his comic play. Previously titled Hospitality Suite.

Capsule Review: Very obviously a play adapted for the screen (The Big Kahuna takes place almost exclusively on one set), but this one has good enough dialogue that you don't care. A somewhat allegorical tale comparing Christian beliefs to the business world, this is one story that will have you ruminating for quite a while after the credits roll. All three actors deliver meaty performances (and the youthful Peter Facinelli manages to hold his own against veterans Spacey and DeVito). This is definitely one film that doesn't want you to turn your brain off at the door. (Lions Gate)

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RCrowe (anonymous)Crew Info
03/19/99 07:25 PMKevin Spacey is Producing this picture.

tridentx (anonymous)Name Change
09/13/99 07:06 PMAccording to the program for the Toronto Film Festival, Hospitality Suite is now called 'The Big Kahuna.'

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