Here on Earth


Mark Piznarski directs this romantic drama about two teens in love (including Leelee Sobieski), one of whom has a terminal disease. Annette O'Toole will play Sobieski's mother. Josh Hartnett, Bruce Greenwood, Chris Klein and Michael Rooker also star. Scripted by Michael Seitzman.

Capsule Review: Pure schmaltz. The love triangle between Sobieski, Josh Hartnett and Chris Klein is completely excitement-free, and the melodrama is more yawn-provoking than heart-stirring. There's some talent here (Klein shows he has some stronger acting chops than merely mimicking Keanu Reeves, as he seemed to be doing in his previous films), but nothing for them to work with. This one's a waste of time. (Fox)

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Cassius (anonymous)"Here on Earth"
08/18/99 01:41 PMBruce Greenwood is also in "Here on Earth".

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Here on Earth
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Here On Earth

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