Final Destination

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James Wong directs this thriller in which a group of students, following one student's (Devon Sawa) premonition, avoid an air crash. But then they mysteriously begin to die, one by one. Ali Larter will play Sawa's girlfriend, who teams with him to solve the mystery. Kerr Smith, Brendan Fahr, Chad Donella, Kristen Clarke, and Sean William Scott also star. Previously titled Flight 180.

Capsule Review: Although the film occassionally gets mired in the ridiculous, Flight 180 proves more imaginative than most of its "dead teenager" kin. It's pretty easy to predict who will be the next to die, but the Rube Goldberg deathtraps are certainly inventive (if a bit far-fetched). Still, the film beats run-of-the-mill horror sequels any day. (New Line)

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Michael Gencarelli (anonymous)release date
08/10/99 03:46 PMit has been moved to for a release date of feb.2000

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Kerr Smith

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