Detroit Rock City


In 1978, Four teens (Edward Furlong, Guiseppe Andrews, James DeBello and Sam Huntington) will do anything to attend a KISS concert. Natasha Lyonne and Lin Shaye also star. Adam Rifkin directs.

Capsule Review: There's not much to like in this nostalgia film geared toward KISS fans. It doesn't help that halfway through, the film loses its focus as its stars literally wander off in four different directions.

[R - strong language, drug use and sex-related content] (New Line)

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Cassius (anonymous)Detroit Rock City
08/07/99 11:13 AMGiuseppe Andrews has a lead role in "Detroit Rock City".

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botner2 (anonymous)
Detroit Rock City Rocks
Sandy (anonymous)
Sam Huntington and Detroit Rock City
kati cornett
Detroit Rock City

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