The World is Not Enough

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Pierce Brosnan will return as Bond in the 19th installment in the franchise. Michael Apted is set to direct from a script written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Denise Richards will play Dr. Christmas Jones, a nuclear weapons expert. And Sophie Marceau will play villain Elektra King, the daughter of an oil tycoon, killed while under Bond's protection. Robert Carlyle, Goldie, Victory Ashby and Ulrich Thomsen will also play bad guys. Judi Dench and Desmond Llewelyn will reprise their roles of M and Q, respectively, and John Cleese will appear as a new member of Q branch, R. Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Michael Kitchen, Colin Salmon, Samantha Bond, Robbie Coltrane and Maria Grazia Cucinotta also star.

Capsule Review: Once again, Brosnan proves he can be a very good Bond, but he still hasn't found a very good Bond movie. The plot and character development in The World is Not Enough is overly convoluted, and the film's action sequences can't quite carry the film. There are two good sequences (a boat chase, and the now-requisite ski chase), but the dialogue in the film is completely horrid (even by Bond-standards). (MGM)

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James Bond 19
James Bond 19
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JAMES BOND 19 (full cast) AND JAMES BOND 20 news
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James Bond 20

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