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The new James Bond film certainly isn't one of the best...but it's not one of the worst. Pierce Brosnan makes his debut as the suave secret agent. This time, his enemy is Janus (Sean Bean), the leader of a Russian black market arms cartel, and a former ally of Bond. Bean has captured the control keys to two Russian space weapons (nicknamed 'Goldeneye'), which cause a devastating electromagnetic pulse, destroying anything with an electronic circuit for miles. The latest Bond girl is Natalya (Izabella Scorupco), a Russian computer programmer who miraculously survives Janus' raid to gain the control keys. Of course, what's a Bond film without a colorful henchman. This time, she's Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), who kills by squeezing men with her thighs during violent S&M sex. It is too bad that she is the only unique and interesting character in the entire film. The main villain, Janus, is unimpressive and bland...much like the ever-so-familiar plot, which could have been lifted from a dozen of other forgettable thrillers. There are plenty of stunts and explosions to take your mind off the plot, however. The most enjoyable sequence involves a tank... the most improbable sequence involves a freefall dive chasing a plane. There are plenty of gadgets as well, from a pen grenade to a laser watch. Brosnan uses them well, slipping comfortably into the role of Bond. It's just unfortunate that his debut film couldn't have been more interesting.

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