Music of the Heart

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Wes Craven directs this true story of a fiddle teacher (Meryl Streep) in East Harlem who gives her students a love and understanding of music, eventually taking them to perform at Carnegie Hall. Gloria Estefan will star as her friend and co-worker. Aidan Quinn will play Streep's romantic interest, who introduces her to her Harlem school. Based on the short film Small Wonders. Angela Bassett, Jane Leeves, Cloris Leachman, Kieran Culkin, Jay O. Sanders, Charlie Hofheimer and Arnold Steinhardt will also star. Isaac Stern and Itzhak Perlman will play themselves. Previously titled Fiddlefest and 50 Violins.

Capsule Review: Though there's not an unexpected note, the film plucks the heartstrings perfectly. The film is uplifting, as intended...but it's no Mr. Holland's Opus. Meryl Streep does a good job, as usual, and has a stellar supporting cast to back her up. You don't need to enjoy violin music to appreciate this film, but it's a strong plus. (Miramax)

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FLuiDCoW (anonymous)moved to October
05/08/99 06:50 PMMr Showbiz says that 50 Violins was moved back till October, but I dont know why. - FLuiDCoW

Cassius (anonymous)Fifty Violins
05/15/99 10:39 AMAccording to the Miramax ad in the special Cannes issue of The Hollywood Reporter, "Fifty Violins" is [A.K.A. Face the Music], which I suspect will be the new title for the anti-culture Americans.

Chris Bigham (anonymous)New date is Oct. 15, 1999.
06/25/99 11:11 AMAccording to the Billboard ( website, the movie's release date is now Oct. 15, 1999. Gloria Estefan and 'N Sync are teaming up on a song for the movie.

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