Being John Malkovich

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Spike Jonze directs this dark comedy about a puppeteer (John Cusack) who discovers the ability to enter the mind of John Malkovich (John Malkovich) for 15 minutes at a time. Catherine Keener will play a love interest of both characters, and Cameron Diaz will portray Cusack's dumpy wife. Orson Bean, W. Earl Brown and Mary Kay Place will also star.

Capsule Review: As strange as that plot description sounds, the movie only gets stranger from there. I doubt I'll see a more unusual, or more inventive film this year. The cast is uniformly good, and kudos go to Spike Jonze for making a truly bizarre subject fascinating. My only complaint is that the characters constantly flip-flop back and forth between being extremely sympathetic and utterly horrific. (USA Films)

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Cassius (anonymous)
"Being John Malkovich"
Being John Malkovich
daniels1 (anonymous)
Being John Malkovich

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