Booty Call


Booty Call is a rather pedestrian conglomeration of raunchy, low-brow humor. The film focuses on a double date and the night which follows. Rushon (Tommy Davidson) and Nikki (Tamalo Jones) have been dating for seven weeks now...Rushon wants to get lucky, while Nikki doesn't want to do anything rash. So the pair set up a blind double date with their best friends: Bunz (Jamie Foxx), a sex-obsessed "hood rat" with no class, and Lysterine (Vivica Fox), Nikki's choosy but kinky neighbor. The date goes poorly, but most of the movie focuses instead on the night that follows, and the boys' attempts to have sex with their safety-conscious partners. The humor in Booty Call is extremely hit or miss...and mostly miss. A good example of this is Nikki's dog Killer, who has what is arguably the most humorous scene in the entire film, and yet the remainder of his appearances are shocking in the quantity of their unfunniness. The characters in Booty Call are about as deep as those created for a sketch comedy show, which Booty Call actually resembles in a rawer fashion. They serve a props for the next sex joke. Every single supporting character seems to be rented out of Stereotypes-R-Us. All of which means everything rides on the humor, which is never as strong as it needs to be. The setups go something like this: the boys are desperate for sex --> something comes up which delays sex --> repeat. If they added a little insight, interesting characters, or even some more good jokes, Booty Call might have been worth it. If the mere title "Booty Call" makes you think of grand cinema, then you probably will enjoy this film. Otherwise, there are plenty of better things to do with your free time. (Columbia)

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