Anna and the King

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Andy Tennant directs Chow Yun Fat as the King of Siam, who has a relationship with british governess Anna Leonowens (Jodie Foster) in 19th century Thailand. Bai Ling also stars. Previously titled Anna.

Capsule Review: The film has plenty of beautiful scenery, but an overly familiar storyline. Although Jodie Foster does an acceptible acting job, it doesn't rank among her best performances. The last act of the film inexplicably veers into action territory, and not too thrilling action at that. Still, Anna and the King might be worth a look on video. (Fox)

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d (anonymous)title change
05/15/99 04:52 PMAnna is back to its original title "Anna and the King.

Chris Bigham (anonymous)Release Date Changed
09/16/99 10:26 AMThe new date is December 17.

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