Red Planet

Release Date: November 10, 2000

Anthony Hoffman directs this sci-fi thriller about the first manned Mars trip, which goes terribly wrong, leaving the astronaut (Val Kilmer) stranded on the red planet. Carrie-Anne Moss, another astronaut, must decide whether to disobey orders and attempt a rescue. Tom Sizemore, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Baker-Denny and Terence stamp will also star. Previously titles were Alone and Mars. Not to be confused with the similarly themed Mission to Mars. (WB)

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SCR (anonymous) (anonymous)"MARS"
06/24/99 11:56 AMAdd Tom Sizemore (per Hollywood Reporter) and Benjamin Bratt (per Variety) to the cast.

Also, to Chris Cappola - what characters will Gary Oldman and Sigourney Weaver play in the film? (neither actor has been officialy announced)

Michael Gencarelli (anonymous)title changed
08/06/99 12:45 PMMARS has changed its title to "RED PLANET" so it wouldnt be confused with MISSION TO MARS

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Red Planet
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