Three to Tango

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Damon Santostefano directs this romantic comedy. A businessman (Dylan McDermott) asks his employee (Matthew Perry) to look after his mistress (Neve Campbell), thinking the employee is gay. He's not...but pretends to be in order to be close to the girl of his dreams. Kelly Rowan will appear as McDermott's wife. Oliver Platt, John C. McGinley and Bob Balaban will also star.

Capsule Review: Slightly funny in a sitcomish sort of way, but the central joke is played a bit too long, and stretched out too thin. The film delivers a mixed message, with many jokes regarding how demeaning it is to be presumed gay, while flamboyantly gay characters and situations are thrown in the mix as if to say "look, we're not homophobic!". In the end, though, the movie is too slight to be offensive, and not funny enough to be memorable.

[PG-13 - sex-related situations and language] (WB)

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casablanca-don (anonymous)Three to Tango
04/26/99 03:07 PMhas an official website open at which is linked off of the Warner Bros. Pictures homepage at The website has a plot summary and cast desciptions.

dk (anonymous)Release Date
09/17/99 08:49 PMThe Warner Brothers web site now has the release date listed as October 22nd.

dk (anonymous)Sneak Preview
09/25/99 12:34 PMAccording to the WB website there is a sneak preview on October 9.

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Three to Tango
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